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Why is it important that I know my RMV Salary?

Knowing your RMV means you have the upper hand when negotiating your salary. When you understand your RMV you are increasing your negotiating power by educating yourself on the real-time demand for your skills and experience. With your RMV Salary Analysis you never have to guess your worth, which allows you to make better career decisions and get the salary you deserve without the worry of asking for too much and losing out on a new opportunity.

What’s so important about understanding the supply and demand for my skills?

When the demand for your skill sets are high but the supply of talent is low, you can leverage this knowledge to negotiate a higher salary. This is something most companies don’t want you to know. Knowledge is power when it comes to the supply and demand of your skills.

How is my RMV Salary Calculated?

RMV is based on 4 main factors: the title of the job, your experience level, your skill sets, and location. Using a proprietary technology and our own formula we analyze on a daily basis the demand for specific skill sets in specific locations.

How does my location influence my RMV?

Certain locations have an abundance of jobs and a higher need for particular skill sets compared to others. For example, if you’re a full stack developer who lives in an area where there is a high demand for your skills but the supply of talent is low, your RMV would be higher compared to a city with little demand for your skills.