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A broad-based wound care nursing leader who helps businesses manage wound care staff, department, projects and logistics, business improvement and alignment initiatives, meeting with top and bottom line performance targets and by contributing to an organization's leadership team.

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Wound care
Project Management
Quality management

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Hospital & Health Care


Career History


Wound Care Cordinator @ (HIDDEN)

February 01, 2013 - Current


  • * National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD
    * St Joseph Hospital, Burbank, CA
    * St John's Hospital, Oxnard, CA
    * Rideout Memorial Hospital, Yuba City, CA
    * Kern County Hospital, Bakersfield, CA
    * Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage, CA

    Responsibilities included patient consults as ordered by physicians, document findings, and order
    dressings. Work with a variety of differentiating diagnosis patients including, but not limited to
    sickle cell, HIV, papa, autoimmune, cancer lesions and those not diagnosed. Identifying wounds that
    would need surgical interventions. Following the hospital rules and regulations. Supporting staff
    with an assessment of wounds, dressing changes, and prevention of skin breakdown.

    Key Accomplishment
    * Decreased the reported percentage of hospitals acquired pressure ulcers by 40%
    * Increased the efficiency of managing consults by 20%
    * Reduced the cost of dressing and nurse time doing dressing changes by 50%
    * Improved customer satisfaction by 10%
    * Increased doctor relationship with wound care team by 20%
    * Decreased hospital acquired pressure ulcers by 40%
    * Trained approximately 100 bedside nursing staff in wound care

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • Project Management (50%)

  • Wound care (50%)


Wound Care Coordinator @ (HIDDEN)

April 01, 2015 - June 01, 2017


  • Conduct a head-to-toe assessment of patients to evaluate wounds, including pressure ulcers, diabetic
    wounds, metastasis, and injuries from burns, accidents, or injuries. Determine wound types and
    recommend treatment plans and dressings to aid the healing process.

    Key Accomplishment
    * Reduced the number of reportable pressure injuries by 80%
    * Update two wound care management policies
    * Increased the documentation of wounds by 80%

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • Project Management (40%)

  • Wound care (30%)

  • Quality management (30%)


Wound Care Coordinator @ (HIDDEN)

January 01, 2014 - April 01, 2014


  • Performed head to toes assessment of all patients admitted and evaluated the patient for preventive
    or present wound care needs. Collected and uploaded ` on the computer.

    Key Accomplishment
    * Increased the healing rate by 40%
    * Decreased the Reportable rate by 10%
    * Added patient satisfaction by 30%

Skill Strengths (Breakdown in Percentages)

  • Wound care (100%)

Education History

Awards & Certificates

  • BLS