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Web/Software Development Mentor @ (HIDDEN)

May 01, 2017 - Current


  • * Weekly coaching sessions with students covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, React, Node, etc.
    * Active contributor to curriculum improvement/development projects
    * Developed and hosted Bloc Weekly Study Sessions (mini-lecture/office hours for Bloc students)

Founder, Designer & Developer @ (HIDDEN)

January 01, 2014 - Current


  • * With a user-centered approach to the design and development process, I have designed and
    built websites and web applications in JavaScript (React and Node), Elixir (Phoenix), and Ruby on
    Rails, among others


Freelance Graphic Designer @ (HIDDEN)

January 01, 1998 - January 01, 2014


  • * Various projects including websites, books, musical scores, and others

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